10 Artists on Instagram I’m Obsessed With

Sep 1, 2016 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Instagram is currently my favorite social media platform. I love how visual it is and how easy it is to explore and find new artists on Instagram. For this week’s blog post I thought it would be fun to show you my favorite artists and designers on Instagram. When I was curating this list, I decided not to include any of my friends from “real life”. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of talented friends on Instagram but I wanted this list to be people that I don’t know that inspire me.

1. Griz & Norm

Griz and Norm are a couple working at Walt Disney Animation Studio. I love seeing the work they produce when they aren’t working on awesome movies.

2. Brittney Lee

I’ve been following Britney Lee for years. I found her randomly when looking for cut paper art inspiration, and found her blog. I am always amazed by every new piece she posts. She works as a visual development artist at Walt Disney.

3. Penguins Creative

April Wu (the genius behind Penguins Creative) is an urban sketcher and posts her daily journal entries. I love how she uses graphic elements and illustrations to depict the events of her day.

4. The Animated Life

Amanda MacFarlane is a freelance artist that posts lovely sketches. Her characters show a lot of emotion.

5. Liana Hee

Liana Hee is a freelance illustrator and has worked for awesome companies like Disney and Nickelodeon, to name a couple. Her Instagram account is filled with adorable little paintings that she sells on Etsy. I am fascinated with the details she can create in such a small space!

6. Hillary Buttler Fine Art

I learned about Hillary when I was listening to a podcast of Elise Gets Crafty. Elise was interviewing Hillary about life and her artwork, and I had to stop what I was doing to look at some of her work. I’m not a huge fan of abstract art, but I love hers! The color palettes are lovely and I love the painterly feel in her brush strokes.

7. C is for French Fry

Carrie Liao is a story artist at Warner Animation Group. I honestly don’t know a lot about Carrie, I found her Instagram account through the Explore Feed and fell in love with her drawings. I love the whimsical feeling about her work. I love when she takes a picture of her sketchbook all set up with her watercolors, pens and markers. It is so inspiring to see her traveling with her sketchbook.

8. LoisVB

One of my friends from art school showed me Lois’ work. I love her color palettes and watching the progress of her pieces. The “cool girl” feel around her female characters is so unique. One of my favorite things about Lois is that she shows pieces that she’s recently finished next to pieces that she created years and years ago! Seeing how she improved is not only inspiring, but also it’s cool to document the progress.

9. Jessica Walsh

I had heard of Jessica Walsh, but didn’t really know anything about her. After reading an interview with her, I started looking at her work and Instagram account. She seems very down-to-earth and is hard working, which are qualities I really admire. Her Instagram account features some of her work, but she also shares things that she finds inspiring and lifestyle pieces (like what she’s wearing). She also answers a lot of questions about design and gives advice to people starting out.

10. Charli Prangley

Charli is a designer and YouTuber in London. She runs a t-shirt company that silkscreens beautiful designs on shirts. I have only recently begun to follow Charli, I didn’t know who she was until I listened to her design podcast, Design Life (which is amazing!) I love seeing what she’s up to and her thoughts on design.

Do you have favorite artists & designers that you follow on Instagram? How do you find new people on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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