The Creative Process Explained

Aug 25, 2016 | Art Tips, Design | 0 comments

I recently saw an image floating around Pinterest the other week and had to share it! I think it’s a pretty accurate description of the roller coaster ride that is my creative process.

1. This is awesome!

Also known as the brainstorming stage – You come up with a great idea for a project and can’t wait to get started. You start obsessing over it, thinking about how to approach the project, materials needed, etc. Energy and enthusiasm is in the air during this phase.

2. This is tricky

Ideas become reality – you are working on hashing out the details of your project, and you realize that your idea might be a bit more challenging than you first thought. How it is challenging can vary, it might be a bit over your current skill level, physically challenging, etc. Despite the challenges, it’s still exciting and you are determined to make it happen.

3. This is crap

When self-doubt kicks in – you have begun working on your project and things aren’t turning out the way you expected it to. You start doubting yourself because it doesn’t look great. One of the most important things I learned in art school is that everything looks terrible halfway through. You need to be aware of this and keep working.

4. I am crap

Self-doubt has not only kicked in, but it’s kicking your butt as well – Your project is falling apart because you are crap. You just aren’t good enough to make this happen, and it feels awful. I used to think this a lot, but with accepting that every project looks awful halfway completed, it is easier for me to skip over this step. You shouldn’t doubt yourself and keep working on your project. Maybe you need to walk away from it for an hour or a day and give yourself a break.

5. This might be okay

ah some much needed perspective – You are back from your much needed break and are seeing the project through fresh eyes. Now that you’ve taken a step back, it’s not as bad as you originally thought. While you continue to work on it, you start to see your vision take shape and you start to feel excited by it again.

6. This is awesome!

the finish line – You’ve completed your project! Your idea is now a reality and it looks great. You look at your piece and feel a sense of accomplishment and maybe you are even proud of it.

Do you go through a similar creative process that feels like a roller coaster ride? Do you have tricks you use to get through it? I’d love to discuss it in the comments below!

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