Designer Roundup: My Favorite Script Fonts

Nov 10, 2016 | Design | 0 comments

There are so many script fonts available it can be overwhelming when you are looking for the perfect font for your project. When I first started out, I only had the fonts that came with my computer. I quickly realized that I needed to expand my font collection. Instead of only looking at fonts when I needed a new one for a project, I started looking and downloading collections of fonts, or one that I really liked.

Here is a roundup of script fonts that I am obessed with right now. Script fonts have become very popular in general, and they are great for headings, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterheads, signages, labels, news, posters, badges and much more.


Quentin is a lovely brush lettered font. I love the hand-written nature of the this typeface.

Loft Yian

Loft Yian is a lovely handwritten script font. I love how the line weight varies in this font, it adds a nice handmade touch to the font.


Inspired by the Spring, Gardenia Script is an outstanding example of tender and elegant hand-crafted typefaces perfect for almost all kinds of creative design projects. This font is currently free over at and can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Corneria Script

Corneria Script is a very clean and elegant typeface. You can download a free version for personal use only or you can purchase the font here.

Adilla and Rita

This brush pen typeface caught my attention because of the energy it shows. I love the drastic line weight changes and the casual element of this font.

ShellaHera Script

ShellaHera Script is a handwritten script font made using an original brush pen and scanned via high resolution to give this font its personality, a beautiful free font with a dancing baseline.

Lustinmal Script

Lustinmal is a lovely brush font. I was attracted to this font because of the thickness of each letter while still having lovely little details.

Atlantis Heart

Atlantis Heart Brush Font is Authentic calligraphy style that is free this week over at I love calligraphy, so it was only natural that this font caught my eye.

qeyla font


Qeyla has lovely spacing in it that made me stop and look at it. Many script fonts tend to feel tight and make them difficult to read, so this one caught my eye over the others.

Clicker Script

Clicker Script finds its inspiration from RCA Records Stereo Action Series from the 1960’s. This signature elegant yet slightly bouncy script truly sings, and lends a happy go lucky flavor to any design.

Alex Brush Font

Alex Brush

Alex Brush has an elegant flow to it with nice and short ascenders and descenders.

Summertime Font


This script font has a fun playful feel to it. It is a handwritten font that adds a lot of character while remaining simple and clean.

Which is your favortie?

If I had to pick three favorites it would be Summertime, Alex Brush and Loft Yian. Let me know in the comments section and feel free to call attention to any beautiful script fonts that didn’t make the list.

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