About me

I’m an artist, illustrator, and designer.

I believe it’s important to fill your life & home with things that make you happy. Art & design can have such an immense effect on our emotional well-being. I’m really passionate about how art and beautiful design can uplift and inspire. That’s why I create art and design all the things.

I worked as a graphic and web designer for several years before starting my journey as a freelance artist/illustrator/designer. I love design, and still take on many design projects but I wanted to spend more time creating artwork.

It’s such an honor to create unique pieces of art and design for people to enjoy. There’s a piece of me in each project I take on, whether I’m creating a commissioned illustration, a piece of artwork for someone’s home or a logo design for a business. If you would like to work with me or have me make a piece just for you please use the contact page to send me a message!

I currently live in a small town in South Jersey with my husband and our two dogs, Ash and Cole.

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